Painting and Decorating in Switzerland

We are a group of professional painters and decorators in Switzerland. 

Do you need a good painter?

Our decorators always deliver professional results every time with no hidden costs. We are dedicated to work hard and focus on the quality ensuring we deliver the greatest finish for your home. We always use high quality tools and paint. We also make sure our decorator cleans up after himself so we don’t leave any mess behind.
Don’t hesitate contacting us. It’s free to get a quote.

What do we do?
– Always fully prepare your walls for painting.
– Cover all surfaces not to be painted.
– Remove all stain, dirt, mould, dump
– Fill all gaps, holes, cracks.
– Use mould/dump protective paint if needed.
– Use high quality paint and tools.
– Never leave a mess behind.


We try to work at reasonable prices. To get a quote please visit our get a quote page and get in touch with us.

Thank you